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Chinese observations on the US environmental enforcement system

Last month, we traveled to California with two important figures in China’s environmental community. One was Lü Zhongmei, one of China’s leading environmental law experts and a representative to the National People’s Congress. The other was Ms. Qie Jianrong, an award-winning environmental journalist for the Legal Daily. Qie Jianrong wrote an article for the Legal Daily that highlighted some of her observations of the differences between the environmental law systems in China and the US (which we reprint below after this post). The key difference she observed was the focus on human health in US environmental law. The US Clean … Continue reading 阅读全文 » Add comment 发表评论(0)

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Environmental Enforcement Ideas from Sunny California. Episode #2 – Give Citizens the Right to Enforce Environmental Laws in Court

Our Chinese delegation spent a day visiting the Port of Los Angeles last week, which is one of the largest sources of pollution in Los Angeles. By one estimate, 1,200 annual premature deaths are connected to air pollution from the ports. Despite these harms, the port was poorly regulated by federal, state and local environmental authorities. And even in the face of repeated complaints from local residents, the port and other responsible parties did not take action. It was a lawsuit by NRDC and several other local groups against an expansion to the port that ultimately drove the port to … Continue reading 阅读全文 » Add comment 发表评论(0)

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