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Media Coverage of Joint BCG-NRDC Green Buildings Report

In the past week, both Chinese and English media outlets have covered a green buildings report jointly published by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). The report is titled “From Gray to Green: How Energy-Efficient Buildings Can Help Make China’s Rapid Urbanization Sustainable.”  We previously posted some information about the report here.

China Daily called the report’s vision a “challenging but potentially achievable scenario for China in which energy-saving buildings are not just friendly to the environment but also attractive to profit-seeking developers,” noting that implementation of the policy recommendations in the report would have the effect of saving 170 billion kWh of electricity, the equivalent of “turning off all the lights in US for one month and to twice the annual production of the Three Gorges Dam.”

China Radio International interviewed Frances Beinecke, president of NRDC since 2006, about NRDC’s work in China and the US for its “Voices from Other Lands” feature. On the topic of green buildings, Beinecke noted:

“China is building more buildings than any other country in the world, so what we’re bringing here is really a strong message on how to make these buildings as energy efficient as possible.”

The Chinese media, including the China Economic Herald, also featured articles on the BCG-NRDC report.

We’ve included some pictures from the BCG-NRDC press release event below:

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